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Three generations of a Valley family share same birthday

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Posted at 3:29 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 22:16:57-04

“Oh, you gonna open up your eyes?,” said new Grandma Shelley Parkhurst.

Still gushing over the newest member of the family, little Birdie Eve came into this world just 18 days ago and she already has quite the story to tell.

“We thought it was going to be the 24th but she surprised us all,” said Shelley.

The tiny baby girl already delivered the best birthday present a grandma and great grandma could ask for.

“I mean how can you plan that, really how can you plan it,” said Shelley.

“Well, you kept saying it’s going to happen,” interrupted, Shelley’s mom Gail.

“I did, from the day I heard she was due in September, I said she’s gonna be born on our birthday,” said Shelley.

Sixty-year-old Shelley Parkhurst is Birdie's grandma, and standing next to her is Shelley's mom, 96-year-old Gail, also Birdie's great grandma.

“September 12, 1926, 1961, and 2021,” said Shelley pointing to her mom, herself, and Birdie.

Yup you read it right, three generations separated by nearly 100 years, all born on the same day.

“I never thought she’d be born on my mom's birthday, she has been saying it since the beginning, it’s gonna happen on her birthday and I’m like no it’s not, it’s the 24th,” said Nicholas Parkhurst.

For new mom and dad Marissa Mendoza and Nicholas, the reason Birdie came when she did was a little scary. Health complications forced Marissa to be induced ahead of her due date, over two weeks early.

“I couldn’t have an epidural, so I had to go in early so I could have a safe delivery because if I waited any longer it wouldn’t have been safe, so that’s why I got induced early and I’m like oh well maybe she will be born on that day,” said Marissa with a giggle.

She was induced on the 11th and told to expect it to take until the 13th, sure enough, Birdie arrived when she was destined to.

“I can’t really describe it,” said Marissa now smiling ear to ear.

If you’re wondering what the chances of this happening are, we crunched the numbers. According to US Census, the probability is approximately 1 and 133,000. Numbers aside great grandma Gail, put it best.

“You thank the good Lord,” said Gail.

“Yes you do, you sure do,” said Shelley.