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Quadruplets get to go home after 10 weeks in NICU

Posted at 8:35 PM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 01:38:09-04

QUEEN CREEK — “We’re always counting them, we go in the room and we’re like one, two, three, four, ok they’re all here,” said new mom Ashley Crandell with a laugh.

Ashely and Lance Crandell of Queen Creek certainly have their hands full these days and their hearts no doubt feel the same way.

“It’s a lot of work, four babies is a lot of babies, but we feel very blessed to have them and be their parents,” said Ashley holding her brand new quadruplets.

It’s been a multiyear journey to get to this point. After having their first child Isla five years ago, the couple struggled to have another. Both envisioned a large family all their lives and the lack of answers to what was preventing that dream from coming true was difficult.

Ashely was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that essentially makes it harder to conceive.

“We went through all the emotions, we talked about it, we cried over it, we did all the emotions,” said Lance.

That’s when they turned to a fertility treatment called IUI. A process that places Lance’s sperm directly into Ashley’s uterus. A last-ditch effort prior to in vitro fertilization.

“We tried for three and a half years before we decided to try IUI with our doctor and it worked that first try and I think everybody was shocked,” said Ashley.

Not as shocked as they were after their first ultrasound, however.

“She like put up pictures of babies, it said baby one, baby two, baby three, baby four, and I was like is that four pictures of one baby and she was like no definitely not,” said Ashley.

The couple says twins don't run in the family. Making surprising them all with the news even more fun with a huge reveal party. After spending around 10 weeks in the Dignity Health NICU, one by one, Wesley, Nora, Leah and Emma arrived at their new home.

“It’s basically like a daycare, a twenty four seven daycare, they eat, sleep, poop repeat,” said Ashley.

Something these swooning parents, wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Now sending a message out there to any other parents struggling to conceive.

“Don’t give up. Try and put those types of emotions aside and you will find a solution,” said Lance. “We feel incredibly blessed and our faith helped up get to this moment.”