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Police foundation, city leaders honor women in blue

Phoenix Police Foundation hosts 5th annual Women in Blue Celebration
Posted at 9:43 AM, Sep 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-22 12:43:01-04

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Police Foundation and city leaders hosted the 5th annual Women in Blue Celebration on Wednesday.

The event honored women in the Phoenix Police Department.

"Any time to be honored as a police officer but especially as a woman is just remarkable," said Lt. Sara Fields.

Fields was one of three officers to receive an award during a ceremony held in downtown Phoenix.

She said she hopes the awards will encourage other females to pursue a career in law enforcement.

"I think there's a diverse population of women in law enforcement," she said.

"We all have different backgrounds, and anyone can do the job and I encourage them to do so," Fields added.

Fields received the Elevating Women in Law Enforcement Award.

The police foundation also honored officer Trisha Eskridge who was shot while rescuing a baby during an ambush in February.

Eskridge was one of nine officers injured during the standoff.

Organizers told ABC15 it's important to recognize women in law enforcement.

"Recognizing first responders, to me, is critically important because in the corporate world recognition is common," said Tim Thomas, the Phoenix Police Foundation's president, and CEO.

"It's not as common in the policing, there's not always budget for recognition so this is something through private funding we can really step up as a community and recognize officers for the work they do," he added.

Another award was given to a police assistant, Sandy Borbolla, for being an "up-and-comer."

Borbolla is working toward becoming an officer and is currently working as a police assistant.

"It's definitely a great honor and I'm very grateful for the mentors I've had along the way," she said.