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Valley moms come together to help other parents of children with special needs

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Posted at 4:43 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 20:12:04-04

Three Valley moms with commonality in their children are bringing together other parents with children of autism.

Karen Wooster, Stephanie Longnecker, and Sheena Janecek all have young children with autism and said raising children with autism and special needs makes normal family outings or get-togethers difficult.

"Jared has autism spectrum disorder level 1 and 2, [he] didn’t have any words until he was 4 years old," said Longnecker.

"My 6 and 5-year-olds have autism of varying degrees. My 6-year-old is non-verbal," said Wooster. "You miss out on family trips, family Christmases."

"Our son, Thomas, is 4 and he has autism," said Janecek. "Noises bother him so it’s hard to go out in public and do anything. Being a special needs mom or parent is isolating."

When looking for other parents of children with autism they found each other making time for self-care noticing an immediate weight lifted off their shoulders.

"When my kids were diagnosed with autism I didn’t know any other moms with kids like mine," said Wooster.

"It’s just like an instant connection, you know what the other person is going through," said Longnecker.

These three moms want other parents to experience the same relief they had found in each other by creating Tribe Social Events, a group of moms of children with special needs that meets up periodically to give support to one another.

"It’s for all special needs moms to come and gain encouragement, inspiration, meet new moms, and form friendships," said Longnecker.

Their first event is June 5 at El Chorro in Phoenix. Find more information on their Facebook Page.