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'Corbin's Legacy' makes sure kids don't go hungry this spring break

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Posted at 4:27 AM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 08:40:23-04

Joan Leafman says her daughter Corbin, a Title 1 elementary school teacher, was a true humanitarian.

"She was known throughout her district as walking through the lunch line every day holding up a $20 bill, to make sure every child in the school got a free hot lunch," Leafman said.

But at 30 years old, Corbin died after a battle with breast cancer. Leafman created "Corbin's Legacy" in her honor, carrying on her mission so no child goes hungry.

"There is not a neighborhood anywhere in this Valley where, within one mile of where you're standing, some child isn't going to bed without dinner," Leafman said.

Spring break, summer break and winter break make children who rely on breakfast and lunch during the school day even more vulnerable.

This is why, since 2015, she's been collecting donations every year, passing out bags of food to thousands of kids so they have something to eat during their time off.

Because of the pandemic and supply chain issues, she's switched to handing out gift cards to representatives at 25 schools across the Valley who hand-select 50 kids at each school to receive them.

This spring break, over 1,200 kids went home with gift cards.

Leafman also helps provide free medical care to the students and makes sure they have food on the weekends.

She's already collecting donations for summer break. If you would like to help, click here.