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Buckeye woman looks to empower others with cerebral palsy through her business

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Posted at 7:14 PM, Oct 26, 2021

BUCKEYE, Ariz. — Rochelle Wagner and her daughter Crystalyn are hard at work Tuesday filling orders.

“We’re factory sealing them so they’re all preserved,” said Rochelle.

Their task at hand is growing a new business called Crystalz. Crystalz began when 31-year-old Crystalyn, who was born with cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair, was inspired watching her mother start her own venture after being laid off during the pandemic.

“[Crystalyn] done everything we have done, she’s [ridden] on elephants, she swam with dolphins, she’s dove out in the ocean, she’s been on a surfboard,” said Rochelle.

So when Crystalyn said she wanted to create a company to sell bath salts, soaps, and bath bombs, they went all in.

“They help people feel better about themselves,” said Crystalyn.

As a child, taking baths was therapeutic for her condition, allowing for more movement from her legs.

Her mom used colorful and cleansing bath products to make it more fun for Crystalyn; a memory she now uses to motivate her to help others.

“She’s so excited to get up every day, to get up and have a purpose and that was her biggest thing was having a purpose in life,” said Rochelle, beaming with pride.

While Crystalyn designed the products' looks and labels, her two tech-savvy brothers built a website. The items she formulates and creates right at home, using natural, wholesale ingredients are showcased on the site.

All of a sudden, orders began rolling in, “I was like shocked,” said Crystalyn.

“I was shocked too,” said Rochelle. Shocked but energized by the pleasant surprise.

Bath boxes filled with different items are now destined for buyers in and out of the state, pushing their sales in the right direction. But both mom and daughter say it was never about the money.

Instead, their focus is on challenging expectations and proving to anyone with limitations that anything is possible.

“You can’t doubt yourself, you have to have confidence in yourself when you're doing this,” said Crystalyn.

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