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Arizona Lottery employee with disabilities makes a call of a lifetime

Posted at 8:00 PM, Nov 05, 2021

PHOENIX — An Arizona Lottery employee is getting to live out a lifelong dream at Phoenix Raceway this weekend.

For 19 years, Mikey Corporon has kept the Arizona Lottery building spic and span. The 39-year-old with Down syndrome can be found sporting a NASCAR shirt and a smile while he keeps the entrance clean for lottery customers.

"I clean the whole lobby,” he said with a smile.

For nearly two decades, Mikey’s supervisors say he’s missed just one week’s worth of work.

"He has that dedication and determination," said Job Coach Ron DiBiasio of Valley Life.

When asked why it’s so important for him to consistently come to work day after day, Mikey replied with an answer many people can relate to saying, "I like money.”

Five others like Mikey work custodial jobs inside the Arizona Lottery building.

Those with disabilities are trained through the non-profit and given paying jobs out in the real world.

"When I first get my members they usually don't have confidence or self-esteem and I work with them on that, when they become confident and learn the job skills, I just kind of supervise,” said DiBiasio.

If you ask Mikey, there isn't a winning lottery ticket big enough to measure up to what he'll get to do ahead of the Arizona Lottery 100 on Saturday.

“Mikey is the heart and soul of this organization,” said Arizona Lottery CEO, Greg Edgar.

Edgar said some employees decided to make Mikey the grand Marshall ahead of the race. That means the green flag doesn't fly, earplugs don’t go in, and wheels don't start spinning - until Mikey utters those four words...

“Drivers, start your engines!” he shouted standing in the lobby of the Arizona lottery.

The Arizona 100 is Saturday at 1 p.m., right after Mikey’s call.