Young girl burned in Phoenix apartment fire released from hospital Sunday

Posted at 8:42 PM, Apr 30, 2017

After nearly two months at the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix, a 2-year-old girl is heading home.

Yuna Roller and her mother, Andrea Young, were severely burned last month after their apartment went up in flames near Central Avenue and Roeser Road.

ABC15 the first to speak with Yuna's father and Andrea's boyfriend Chris Roller.

"At first, I didn't want to talk about it," Roller said. "Because I don't want to go back and remember it."

But, with his daughter now back home, he wants to share his emotions with the community.

"The feeling is overwhelming," Roller said. "Because nobody wants to see their kids in the hospital."

He remembers getting that phone call right in the middle of his classes that March morning. The person on the other end told him his family had been hurt and his apartment had been destroyed.

"I was extremely distraught," Roller said. "I couldn't figure out why this was happening."

Young remains hospitalized because her injuries are more severe. She risked everything to go back into the apartment while the flames were raging to get to Yuna. Andrea ended up suffering burns to 50percent of her body.

"She [Yuna] has a bit of problems trying to recognize her mother because they did shave her head because of the burns," explained Yuna's great-grandmother Linda Young. "She [Yuna] was afraid of her. Now, she's like 'I see mama.'"

Roller said he went and saw Andrea Sunday and got to tell her the news: that Yuna gets to leave.

"I told her [Andrea], Yuna's done... she gets to go home now," Roller said. "I told her just a bit longer for her because she's pretty much out... she's getting ready to go too."

The family said this whole experience has been a roller coaster ride they want to get off of.

"One day, we're doing fine," Young said. "The next day, they tell us possible amputation, so you go down."

But, with Yuna getting to sleep at home and Andrea heading to the rehabilitation center soon, they hope they are on the last loop.

"Words can't express how grateful I am to everybody," Roller said.

The family does still have a GoFundMe page up to help pay for the medical costs, as well as the loss of property. Click here to donate.