Would you trust an Amazon driver to leave packages in your home?

Posted at 10:11 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 01:42:04-04

A major online retailer is combating brazen thieves known as “porch pirates” by rolling out a new delivery method. 

Residents in a Phoenix neighborhood say they’re fed up with these criminals.

Home video recently captured a man walking up to a porch in Arcadia, grabbing two Amazon boxes, and immediately heading back to his car — all in broad daylight. 

Homeowner Jody Johnson also recently caught a guy attempting to steal deliveries from her doorstep. The thief attempted to take the packages right after they were dropped off. 

“By the time I opened the door, there was a person coming up the driveway to retrieve the package but he saw me and ran and got in their car and drove off,” Johnson explained.

Those incidents are why Amazon is hoping to offer a more secure delivery option. Instead of drivers leaving the package outside, they’ll be granted one-time access inside your house and leave it where it’s secure. 

Currently, the option will only be available for Amazon Prime members. People who are interested in the new delivery method will have to purchase and install a special keypad and camera. 

Johnson says in the future, she’ll be clearing her schedule on days she’s expected a delivery.

“I will stay home the whole day I don’t know when they’re coming,” she said.