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Where the infrastructure funds will go in Arizona

Arizona capitol
Posted at 12:08 PM, Nov 19, 2021

PHOENIX — After a historic infrastructure bill was passed, ABC15 has gone through different White House documents and spoken with different federal congressional offices to understand where some of the funds are expected to go in Arizona.

These funds are subject to change as they are estimates -- and most of the funds are expected over a five-year period.

Here is a breakdown of some of the funds Arizona can expect to see:


Arizona can expect to receive $5.3 billion for highways and bridges over five years based on a Federal highway formula. That money will be sent to the Arizona Department of Arizona over the next five years to be invested in road and bridge projects.

This funding would help work on 132 bridges and 3,193 miles of highways that are considered in ‘poor’ condition.

“Arizona can also expect to receive approximately $117 million over five years in formula funding to reduce transportation-related emissions, in addition to about $133 million over five years to increase the resilience of its transportation system,” a breakdown explains.


$100 million will go towards providing broadband coverage across the state including more than 350,000 Arizonans who currently don’t have access to broadband.

Along with an investment for broadband, 24% of Arizonans will be eligible for the ‘Affordability Connectivity Benefit’ which will help low-income families who can’t afford internet access.


Arizona will receive around $884 million over five years to improve public transportation across the state.


To improve the transportation system, the Infrastructure Bill will give Arizona around $36 million for highway safety programs to help reduce deaths and injuries — and work on improving driver behavior.


Airports in Arizona can expect to receive $348 million over five years to help with improving runways, taxiways and airport-owned towers, terminal development, and noise reduction projects.


Arizona should also expect to receive $619 million over five years to improve water infrastructure to provide safe and clean drinking water.


We can expect to see $38 million that will help protect against wildfires over the next five years. Arizona has seen 13 extreme weather events that have cost the state up to $10 billion in damages.


These funds will help protect against cyberattacks — and Arizonans can also expect to see benefits for the national investment in weatherization to reduce energy costs for families.


Ports of entries in Arizona can expect millions of dollars as well — $147 million will go to the San Luis Port of Entry, $216 million for the new Douglas Port of Entry, and $184 million for rehabilitation at the current Douglas Port of Entry.

Along with these funds listed above, Arizona agencies would also be able to apply for other competitive grants.