Valley psychic hit by car while dining with other psychic in Canadian restaurant

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 15:32:51-04

A Valley-based psychic was in Canada when the unexpected (and unpredictable) happened to him and another psychic. As the two were eating in a restaurant just outside of Niagra Falls, a car came slamming into them, pinning Blair Robertson against the wall.  By a miracle, he walked away with just some bumps and bruises.

"He was having his corned beef sandwich and I was having my eggs, and that was it," explains Blair Robertson, a Canadian psychic who now calls Litchfield Park home.

"I looked down and my leg had a car on it!"

In the surveillance video, you can see the white Lexus slamming into the windows, pinning Blair against the wall. But by a miracle, he stood up and walked away - no major injuries, just some bumps and bruises. Even Blair's doctors were amazed.

"The doctors who have seen me said it's a miracle I'm not dead."

Especially because he never saw it coming - even as a psychic! And get this - the friend he was with is also a psychic!

Blair had a simple explanation:

"A lot of times, we can't even read our own lives and that's just how it works."

But that's not Blair's biggest beef. He's upset the 85-year-old driver was not charged.

We did some digging and found out it's a bit of a gray area. Phoenix Police say it depends on a number of factors. Was the driver being reckless or negligent in some way? And more importantly, would it even hold up in court?

Blair also thinks this is an opportunity to educate people about who should be and should not be operating a motor vehicle.

For now, he's happy to have made it out of this one alive.

"It made me value life. I don't take a day for granted."