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Valley parents struggle to find baby formula amidst nationwide shortage

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 22:03:06-04

PHOENIX — Arizona parents are searching for baby formula, sending some into a panic.

ABC15 spoke with Glendale mom Stepheney Lynck, who has been struggling to find formula for her twins.

“She’s been on the hypoallergenic formula, and he's just been on the sensitive,” said Lynck, referring to her one year old daughter Kenlee and her twin Knox.

Like many products, Lynck said she first noticed a shortage a few months ago, but the situation really got bad around Christmas.

Adding to the nationwide issue, in February the CDC announced a recall on some of the powdered formulas Abott Nutrition manufactures, including Similac.

“When I tell you the shelves were bare, the shelves were bare,” said Lynck.

Now a few months later, Lynck said it's almost impossible to get the formula they need and she's not alone.

“It’s to the point, I'm in a mom's group on Facebook and it's every single day,” said Lynck. “'Oh my gosh, I'm in desperate need of this formula right now. Does anyone know where this is?'"

Knox is a little bit more flexible, but it's hard to find a substitute for Kenlee. In just a few months, the family is having another little one.

“So yeah its been pretty scary and knowing that I have one on the way and thinking, oh my gosh, am I going to have to do this again?” said Lynck.

Dr. Duane Wooten has been a practicing pediatrician for decades. He told ABC15 he talks to parents about this issue everyday, and even gets overnight phone calls from concerned parents.

Dr. Wooten says many of his patients relied on this specific type of formula because it was available through a federal WIC program.

"To switch them over to another formula was difficult enough, but then when they run short you can see where the nightmare is,” said Dr. Wooten.

His advice to parents is to try not to panic. Dr. Wooten also encourages everyone struggling to find what they need to call their pediatrician, so they can explain available options.

Lynck was even able to get some samples of the formula her daughter needed from her doctor.

“This is the only one that we have left at the moment,” said Lynck pointing at a bottle of formula.

As for her family, they are starting to ween their twins off formula and hoping for the best.

Dr. Wooten tells ABC15 he is hopeful supplies and the situation will improve in the next two months.