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Valley family fighting to help more kids in foster care

Posted at 10:26 PM, Nov 30, 2017

ABC15 introduced you to the Revoir family one year ago when they were doing renovations on their home to allow for more kids in their house. The renovation is complete, but the family is still fighting to create a better life for more children.

"Seeing the kids happy and safe and feeling like they're loved and wanted is just enough," said Virginia Revoir.

She is a mom to 10 kids — eight are biological and two are foster. 

Her passion to help children was inspired by her father who was an orphan. 

When we met her last year, she was working with a nonprofit to build a fifth bedroom for her high-needs foster son. But he was unexpectedly moved into a therapeutic group home for treatment.

"When he left, I sobbed for weeks," said Revoir. "It was like I was losing my own child."

Revoir still talks to him every day and says the heartbreaking decision was out of her hands. 

Meanwhile, construction on the new bedroom continued and she was able to bring a brother and sister into her home but they have two other siblings who couldn't come. 

"It's already traumatizing for them to be split from their family, so keeping the siblings together would be amazing."

Revoir has to go through a special licensing process with DCS to allow more kids under her roof and she says it a fight worth fighting. 

"I feel like every day I'm living life through them and I'm just excited to see their journey," said Revoir. Whether it's my foster kid or my bio, I'm excited to see them excited for life."