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Valley company posting videos to create a daily routine for seniors amid social distancing

Posted at 5:00 AM, Apr 14, 2020

It is all about making sure seniors feel like they have a routine when reality looks a lot different these days.

"We start with a short morning positive thinking affirmation kind of meditation," Paula Stokes McDowell explained. "Then, we move into some fitness."

McDowell walking ABC15 Arizona through the foundation of the eight-hours of carefully selected videos each and every day that are geared toward seniors on YouTube.

"They were born during the depression and they sacrificed through World War II," McDowell said. "Their children and their grandchildren have fought in every war since... so I think, if we're going to find a blueprint to get through this crisis - or really any crisis - and be better on the other side of it, it's to take their example of resilience and determination and hard work."

McDowell is with Enrichment on Demand here in the Valley and since the pandemic, they have created a simple way for caregivers, nursing home staff, or the grandchildren to pull up the curated content.

To access the free playlist of videos, click here.

"We just... create a daily routine... kind of mimic their normal calendar at a senior community and then we could fill it in with all the wonderful people that post fitness classes and trivia and travel logs," McDowell described. "We enjoy some sitcoms, throw on some 'I Love Lucy' and 'Petticoat Junction.' In the afternoon, we do a classic cinema movie... maybe an old western with John Wayne."

McDowell wants to get the word out that this content is available for free during the pandemic.

"If we can make their days a little brighter by providing something, it's our privilege to do that," McDowell said.