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Valley church helping neighbors pay rent

Posted at 4:53 PM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 19:53:13-04

MESA, AZ — A Valley church is showing the community they are there for them by handing out cash to those who need help paying their rent.

Pastor Andre Miller, with New Beginnings Christian Church in Mesa said he felt compelled to do something after hearing so many stories about people losing their jobs, and wondering how they would make ends meet.

"The need is there so we just sprang into action. I just wanted to make sure we could do something to help mitigate some of these burdens people are experiencing right now in this pandemic," said Miller.

The church started a fundraiser to help neighbors in need. So far they have been able to help eight struggling families.

One of them was Kristen Smith, a single mother who lost her job at the bank. Smith has been tapping into her savings to pay her bills.

"My rent still needs to be paid, I still have an electric bill, my car payment, insurance needs to be paid," said Smith.

The church helped her with $250 dollars which was enough to cover her expenses after she used some of her own money from her savings account.

Cheris Jackson is another Valley woman who is extremely grateful to get help from her pastor. "I was real worried until the pastor reached out to me. I am the type of person, I don't like asking," said Jackson.

Tattoo artist Beau Banks did not attend Pastor Miller's church, yet he too got a helping hand when he reached out for help.

"I almost like came to tears, yet it was pretty moving," said Banks, who said he would have been evicted had he not received help from the church.

Miller said the church is raising funds so they can help more families in need.

You can help them out by visiting their fundraising page here.