Tucson man creates road rage class to avoid driving dangers

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 11:20:21-04

The scenarios are meant to get your palms sweaty behind the wheel. That is because road rage is rampant in Phoenix, AAA ranking the city as one of the worst cities in the nation. From tail gating to more serious situations, like shootings - we have seen it happen before and more frequently.

Now, one Arizona man is taking action by creating a class to help navigate these types of situations. 

"There are cars driving around with really bad people," said Bruce Montoya. "It's sad."

Montoya says a road rage scenario can be sparked by almost anything; a driver getting cut off or just looked at the in the wrong way. He said it was his personal experiences on the road that caused him to create a road rage self defense course that he teaches in Tucson.

"Fear is a natural thing," Montoya said. "It's what you do with it."

The first thing Montoya teaches in his course is with the participant sitting behind the wheel. He teaches them how to avoid an angry driver by escaping with a quick reverse.

He also stresses the importance of locking your doors and rolling up your windows. That way, you can avoid any actual contact with an aggressor.

But, if it is too late and the enraged driver is already at your car, he focuses the next part of the course on hands-on tactics.

That means getting participants to feel what it is like to have someone approach them with a weapon.

Kristen Clemons was almost run off the road by a driver, so her father suggested she take the class to rebuild her confidence.

"I've learned that my reactions are now like muscle memory," Clemons said.

Montoya also warns that you cannot get too comfortable in your car. He admits people feel like it's a safety bubble and are distracted by music.

"You have to be hyper aware," Montoya stressed. "Not paranoid, but, prepared."

Montoya hopes that if he gets into his students' faces, they will not freeze up if the scenario becomes real road reality.

Montoya said you can contact Hardvolume Crossfit at (520) 332-6673 which is located at 960 E. 17th Street in Tucson if you are interested in taking his Tucson class.

But, he also suggests taking any self defense class to help build confidence.