Taking action against some unwanted guests before weather hits

Posted at 8:49 PM, Jan 18, 2017

When it rains, cockroaches and other pests love to come inside. We're expecting a few rounds of storms this week, but it turns out, it's not too late to keep these guys from getting inside your home!

Lift up any drain cover in your neighborhood, and you're bound to find things like crickets, roaches, and maybe even scorpions! Not exactly what you want lurking just feet away from your front door.

But it's like clockwork; when it's wet outside, those critters want to get inside.

"When it rains, the bugs go to higher ground," explains Adam Seever, President of Bulwark Pest Control in Mesa. "Our phones ring off the hook when it rains."

As a matter of fact, he says calls go up about 50 percent, ranging from a host of issues - spiders, scorpions, and especially roaches! But that's not the only problem - rodents also like to find their way indoors this time of year.

"When it gets cold and very wet, they'll squeeze into a hole the size of a dime," Seever said.  

Seever suggests getting your home treated at least once a quarter, creating a barrier so that when it does rain, the bugs don't pour into your house.

Another pro tip -- put your plants at least a few feet away from your house. If they're right up against the foundation, it makes it easier for bugs to get inside.

And just remember:  Seever says you may not see them right away, but that doesn't mean they're not there!

"You're not going to see the hoards, but you're going to bring them into the walls where they are in position to breed and give you problems in the spring."