Supreme Court ruling could impact another federal immigration case involving Arizona DREAMers

Posted at 7:20 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 01:53:38-04

Attorney General Mark Brnovich thinks it could make it to the nation's highest court.

Another federal immigration case, involving Arizona, this time over drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants granted temporary status, otherwise known as DREAMers.

"We have a case pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which very well could end up at the U.S. Supreme Court next year," Brnovich said. "I don't think this issue is done, it's not finished." 

While the Supreme Court's 4-4 tie upheld a lower court ruling blocking President Obama's immigration plans, this federal case over drivers licenses for DREAMers goes back months. 

In April, a federal court upheld a ruling allowing DREAMers to get state drivers licenses. Plaintiffs said the original state ban on drivers licenses impeded immigrants from working. 

However, Thursday's ruling could impact the case. Brnovich believes states should make the decision on issuing drivers licenses. 

"It's up to the individual states, it's up to the states to determine whether they want to grant those or not grant those," he said. 

The Attorney General's office is awaiting a decision on a rehearing.