Students in some Valley schools to be kept inside during solar eclipse

Posted at 6:55 PM, Aug 18, 2017

Would you want your school-age student to not only learn about the solar eclipse, but also get to witness it?

Well, some students in the Valley won't even get the change to fully experience it. Due to safety concerns, many school districts are keeping students indoors.

"I'm pretty disappointed honestly," said Maxwell Lowery, a seventh grade student in Scottsdale. "I really wanted to see it."

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"I think it's a little bit sad, I mean it's a once in a lifetime situation and we want them to experience that," said mother Tammy Fellows. "We have four kids so we are talking about keeping them home from school."

Keeping kids home from school on Monday is an option for parents.

The bottom line for schools that are holding kids inside is because they want to make sure students are safe. There are not enough certified solar glasses to go around.

Mesa and Glendale will operate on "rainy day" schedules, which means time outside is limited.

A spokesperson for Phoenix schools said it may vary based on campus, but she's not aware of any classes that will be held outside.

Chandler and Scottsdale districts are keeping students inside, too.

Districts said the risk is too great. The human eye could be damaged from looking at the eclipse for just two or three seconds.

All districts will be incorporating the event into Monday's curriculum and offering a live feed to watch.