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SRP offers energy-saving kits to help residents save money

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 12:28:15-05

The Salt River Project is launching a "Multifamily Solutions Program," designed to help multifamily communities become energy efficient.

The program is geared toward community and property managers of income-qualified multi-family apartments.

Each apartment unit would be given a free "Energy Saving Kit" consisting of four LED bulbs, one LED nightlight, and a sheet on how to lower energy use and costs.

"We know that folks are struggling with the pandemic and are looking for ways to trim their budget and save money," says SRP Spokesperson Kathleen Mascareñas. "We have this program for limited-income customers who live in apartments."

For those that rent or own a home outside of the "Multifamily Solutions Program" criteria, there is another program that you may be eligible for, known as "Home Energy Assessment."

This program includes up to $250 worth of energy-saving products, a customized report of your home's energy performance, and a personalized recommendation for greater energy savings.

To find out if you qualify for either the "Multifamily Solutions Program" or the "Home Energy Assessment," click here.