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Senator McSally talks with ABC15 about first days in office

Posted at 8:23 AM, Feb 25, 2019

PHOENIX — Arizona Senator Martha McSally is sitting down with ABC15, speaking about her first 50 days in office.

Sen. McSally and her staff have been criss-crossing Arizona, going on a listening tour.

"I want to make sure I'm grounded with what regular Arizonans have on their minds," explains McSally. "What are their challenges? And what are their challenges where the federal government is in the way and what can we do to fight for them?

High on the list for Arizonans, McSally says, are infrastructure, the opioid epidemic, and border security.

When it comes to President Donald Trump's emergency declaration at the border, Sen. McSally says she shares the same vision as the President, but says she is still researching the emergency declaration and what it could mean for Arizona, especially when it comes to defense spending.

"There are some projects in Arizona that I'm concerned about," Sen. McSally explains. "I fought really hard to make sure our military is funded, but it doesn't mean that these projects won't happen."

On Friday, House Democrats introduced a resolution to block the President's declaration. Some Republicans from both the House and the Senate say they'll cross party lines to block the resolution.

Sen. McSally says she hasn't arrived at a decision yet, but says she would consider going against the President if she didn't feel comfortable with what is outlined in the declaration.

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