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Senate to consider two bills on lane-splitting laws for motorcyclists

Posted at 11:34 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-06 07:02:52-05

Many do it, but it’s not legal, yet. Two new bills introduced in our state are focused on lane-splitting for motorcyclists.

Some say it’s dangerous, while others say the exact opposite, calling it safer. 

For riders like Dianna Eckler, riding a motorcycle means freedom and excitement, but she’s not oblivious to the dangers on the road.

"There is probably isn't a single time that I go out that I don't get cut off,” said Eckler.

But now, two bills have been introduced in our state Senate aiming to make lane-splitting legal just like it is next door in California. SB-1007 was introduced by Senator David Farnsworth, but another bill, SB-1015 introduced by Senator John Kavanagh would accomplish the same goal.

The only difference, that one would require riders to wear a helmet if they choose to lane-split. 

This would allow a motorcycle to ride between cars during heavy traffic. But, riders are split on whether or not it really is safer.

“I would imagine people kind of weaving anyway, if I try to split through two cars during traffic it would be dangerous,” said Teresa St. John, a motorcycle rider.

But other riders, like Eckler, are hopeful the bill rides clean through the Senate. 

"What lane splitting does is allow us to not be sitting ducks, it just allows us to buffer between cars, it's just like a protective shell,” said Eckler.

One thing that everyone agrees on, is that education overall is the only way riders will be safe.

As for both bills, they are expected to be voted on later this month.