Sen. Jeff Flake to introduce gun control legislation

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jun 20, 2016

Legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Jeff Flake that would, among other things, prohibit gun sales to terrorism suspects on government lists, is set to be introduced tomorrow, ABC15 has learned. 

In the wake of a deadly attack on an Orlando nightclub that left 49 people dead, Flake has been working on legislation with several colleagues, including fellow Republican and Maine Sen. Susan Collins, on the proposal. 

Flake spokesman Jason Samuels said the senator's mailbox has been filled with messages, 60/40 in favor of taking action post-Orlando. 

"Hundreds. The mailbox is filling up faster than we can log constituent messages," Samuels said. 

According to Samuels, the proposed legislation would also include an appeal process if someone was denied a gun purchase and a five-year provision that would alert the FBI if someone formerly on the government's list in the time frame buys a gun. 

The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, was on one of those lists

Beyond Flake, congressional activity since June 12's attack in Orlando has picked up steam. Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy filibustered for 15 hours on the Senate floor last week in support of gun control measures. 

The Senate voted on several gun control measures Monday, however, all failed