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School supply pick-up brings emotion, closure for Valley families

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Posted at 3:09 PM, Apr 08, 2020

A final step in this new reality of learning and working from home. On Wednesday 720 students at Archway Classical Academy Veritas got the chance to grab the school supplies they left behind.

It's not how the end of the school year is supposed to look.

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"Normally there’s so many fun things leading up to this," said Amanda Olson, mom of four. "Teacher appreciation week, signing yearbooks, just all the closure that gets to happen."

"It’s sad but we know that this is society right now and we got to deal with it," said Lauren Morstad, mom of two.

It is something teachers and administrators are trying to deal with too.

"Our teachers really, really miss their students," said Assistant Headmaster Megan Opitz. "It’s a hard way to finish their school year and it’s just really sad to say goodbye in this type of way."

Some of those teachers wearing masks and gloves, careful not to touch the cars or handle anything with bare hands as they sort, move and load supplies into waiting cars.

"Anything we can think of to make sure we’re not spreading any germs," said Opitz.

Yet several, still found ways to connect.

"It’s so nice," said Olson. "Even though their faces are covered in masks, you can see the light in their eyes."

"We need this interaction," said Morstad. "That’s what’s missing."

Second Grader William Morstad made sure to point out the perks of learning at home.

"There's not a teacher to boss us around as much," he said.

Still, most who showed up are looking forward to next school year and a return to the way things used to be.

"At least we're all together and we'll see them hopefully in the Fall," said Olson.

School districts across the Valley are working to get students any supplies they may have left behind. We're told the process varies by district, so contact your child's school directly for more information.