SCARY! 4 Types of scorpions crawling around in the Valley in Arizona

Posted at 11:55 AM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 14:55:52-04

Scorpion season is upon us!

With temperatures already climbing into the 100s, it's time to prepare for the resurgence of creepy crawlers.

Watch the video above to check out must-know scorpion facts and how to stay scorpion-free!

Ben Holland, founder of Scorpion Sweepers, says there's only one definitive action when it comes to ridding your house of these creepy crawlers -- physical extraction. Call an exterminator if you see more than 10 in your backyard.

Most scorpions in the United States are not poisonous, except for two species found here in the southwest. The most dangerous scorpion species is the Arizona Bark Spider, alias Bark Scorpion. Baby scorpions are the most poisonous because they cannot control how much venom they release.

If you are stung by a scorpion, you'll notice a raised red dot. Holland says to wash the wound with soap and water then treat with a cold compress. If you are allergic to scorpions or if you think you were stung by a Bark Scorpion, contact Poison Control immediately at (800) 222-1222.

Happy hunting!