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REPORT: New details of moments that led up to Valley crash, killing 2 teens

Posted at 8:48 PM, Dec 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-31 06:57:34-05

More information is being released about a crash involving multiple cars in July that left two teenagers dead.

Fourteen-year-old Kaillie Plante and Nicolas Minard, 15, died in a six-car rollover crash on State Route 87 near Shea Boulevard over the summer.

Preliminary information from the Arizona Department of Public Safety alleges that a commercial vehicle failed to stop at a red light and hit the passenger car headed from Shea Boulevard onto SR 87. 

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The driver told authorities the traffic light was yellow but he realized he was unable to safely stop so instead he went through the intersection, a DPS crash report said. The driver said he saw a "glimpse of a blue vehicle in front of his hood" and attempted to avoid hitting it but was unable to. The next thing he remembered is hanging upside down in his truck after the accident.

The driver allegedly admitted that he "accelerated because [he] knew the light changes fast," the police report stated. 

A witness told officials that the light was red for at approximately two seconds before the truck driver entered the intersection, the DPS crash report said. 

In December, DPS confirmed that the commercial truck driver was originally cited for running a red light but the county attorney's office dismissed it while they seek more information regarding the incident.

Minard died at the scene and Plante later died in the hospital, DPS said. Several others were also hurt during the accident.

Minard and Plante attended Payson High School. Plante would have been a freshman and Minard was beginning his sophomore year.