Poll shows most voters support Prop 123

Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 12:37:11-04

A measure that would add billions in education funding over the next decade heads to the ballot box next month. And, according to a new poll published Wednesday, nearly 60 percent of voters would approve it. 

The poll, conducted by Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights, surveyed 665 registered voters by telephone and asked them if they would vote for Proposition 123, which would add $3.5 billion in education spending over 10 years by using more money from the state's land trust. 

Prop 123 also settles a lawsuit filed by school districts for lack of state education funding during the recession. 

Here are the poll's results:

Prop 123 


Definitely Yes


Probably Yes


Probably No


Definitely No




However, we should note that the pollster, Michael Noble, leans to the right. 

He's a consultant for Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, a Republican, who's running for Congress in District 1, which includes Apache and Graham counties.  

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Noble has donated at least $4,900 to Babeu thus far.