Phoenix Police Department: Nearly 95% of burglaries remain unsolved

Posted at 9:44 PM, May 25, 2017

In newly obtained numbers requested by ABC15, Phoenix Police reveal nearly 95 percent of burglaries in 2016 remain unsolved.

A Phoenix man, who had his home broken into and has home security video of the incident, is still hopeful his case will be solved but finds the numbers disheartening.

"If you think you're safe, you're not," said homeowner Rick Center.

The retired Marine was attending a funeral last November when a thief cut off the lock on his gate and stole items from his home, even while Center's roommate was home.

"To watch someone in your home, when they were no invited is violating and ungodly," said Center.

The man stole a laptop, gold chain, cash and credit cards from the home. He spent about 10 minutes — taking his time and rummaging through the home.

Even after providing Phoenix Police with video and filing a police report, there has been no arrest in the case.

But his case may be similar to many others in Phoenix.

New numbers reveal there were 13,024 burglaries were reported in 2016. Of those burglaries 12,283 still haven't been solved. Only 741 ended in an arrest or another outcome.

"They are understaffed right now," said Center. "They are under the gun right now with not having enough resources for enough officers."

Phoenix police admit, plain and simple, burglaries are difficult crimes to solve with little evidence.

They hope the possible addition of "police assistants" in next year's budget will allow them to stay and assess scenes longer, rather than wait for an officer at a higher priority call.

The police assistance is only a suggestion right now, but they have been added to the Phoenix City Council budget. The plan a vote in June.

Center says he is taking action into his own hands, offering a cash reward for info that leads to an arrest and conviction of the man seen breaking into his house.