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Orionid meteor shower set to peak Thursday morning

Bulgaria Orionid  Meteor Shower
Posted at 10:41 AM, Oct 20, 2021

October’s full moon is expected to outshine the Orionid meteor shower, peaking early Thursday morning.

According to, the Orionid meteor shower will be most active early in the morning on Oct. 21, just a day after the full Hunter’s Moon.

Experts say the bright light from the Hunter’s Moon may drown out most of the meteor activity, but you still have a chance to see them.

“The shower appears at about one-quarter peak strength for about two days before and after Oct. 21,” says.

If you're going to try to catch a glimpse, Meteorologist Jorge Torres says conditions should be just right with clear skies expected. Of course, getting out of city areas with darker skies will offer the best viewing conditions.