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More help coming to Arizona communities hit by flooding

Gila Bend flooding damage
Gila Bend Flooding
Posted at 10:29 PM, Aug 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 01:32:49-04

GILA BEND, AZ  — Repairs continue in many Arizona communities hit by flash flooding recently. More help is now on the way.

The south part of Gila Bend is looking more like a ghost town these days - quiet and empty. The flooding earlier this month forced many families from their homes.

"We ended up cutting it four feet up just so the moisture won’t travel up on the wall to the ceiling,” says Luis Henry, resident.

Although many feel helpless, more help is on the way for several areas of the state.

Governor Doug Ducey has issued a second Declaration of Emergency for Coconino County, as a result of the powerful storm that hit just over a week ago.

ABC15 was in Flagstaff to see first-hand what happens when those floodwaters rush in.

These types of emergency declarations make state funding available for response efforts and resources. Damage assessments of homes and businesses will also be done. On top of that, the governor is requesting additional resources from FEMA to assist clean-up efforts in Gila Bend.

"To help the people get their houses back together again,” says one Gila Bend resident.

Residents are making slow but steady progress. “Well, everything is kind of cleaned up in there a little bit but I don't have walls, sheetrock, and stuff like that. That’s coming soon, I hope,” said a Gila Bend resident.

As for the Miami-Globe area, neighbors there still feel neglected.

In response, Gila County Emergency Management says they are receiving aid through other avenues.

The Salvation Army has set up a community resource center and connecting affected residents with Team Rubicon, a disaster response group. There is also financial aid for each household that qualifies.

“If they've gotten a contractor to give them a bid on working on the house -. a plumber or electrician or something like that - they can bring that in, or that invoice in, and we can pay the vendor directly up to $2500 for a damaged home,” says Jeff Williams, Captain for Salvation Army.

Gila County residents in need of assistance can contact the Salvation Army Call Center at 928-275-7211.