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More doctors add telehealth during coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 9:01 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 00:08:22-04

Telemedicine may bridge the healthcare gap for people who should see a doctor but want to avoid medical offices due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Several Valley medical providers announced new telehealth options this week, including MomDoc. While OB-GYNs can't deliver a baby remotely, they can provide many women's health services through video chats.

"We are going to be the same providers that you would see in the office that she would be able to see on your virtual visit," said Dr. Brittany Stam. "So we have access to your charts and are able to pull your information up."

Stam hopes the familiar face online will put patients at ease, especially those who are already anxious about the coronavirus. MomoDoc can schedule an eVisit for everything from prescribing birth control to examining c-section incisions.

Equality Health announced Thursday it is also rolling out telehealth abilities for its 1,300 affiliated Arizona primary care doctors. The technology can be a great tool to virtually triage sick people, especially as coronavirus spread.

"I would recommend, if you could use telemedicine, to use it," said Dr. Frank LoVecchio, an emergency room doctor at Valleywise Health, Maricopa County's public hospital. Valleywise Health already uses telehealth for several specialty services, including remote evaluations for burn patients.

Your telehealth options may vary depending on your insurance, so you may want to double-check prior to your appointment.