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Melissa Blasius

ABC15 Investigator Melissa Blasius has built a reputation for asking tough questions and taking action on behalf of Arizona families.

Melissa spent the majority of her 20-year career in Phoenix. In 2018, she led our coverage on the life and legacy of Sen. John McCain. Melissa also reported on the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. She is frequently asking questions at the Arizona State Capitol. Over the years, Melissa helped homeowners reverse wrongful bank foreclosures and helped veterans recover their long-overdue VA disability benefits. Her reporting influenced changes in state law and led to the resignations of top government officials.

While she worked as an investigative reporter at KUSA-TV in Denver, Melissa uncovered a secret patient waiting list at the VA hospital, exposed flooded-damaged mobile homes being marketed to unsuspecting buyers, and landed an exclusive interview with Mark Redwine who was later convicted of murdering his son Dylan. Melissa also worked as a reporter in Houston, TX; Battle Creek, MI; Champaign, IL; and Topeka, KS. She also worked a stint as the Director of Communications at the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Melissa has covered national events like President Barack Obama's inauguration and the space shuttle Columbia disaster. She's also found adventure. Melissa flew a fighter plane, searched for drug smugglers in the desert, and even interviewed a talking pig.

For her dogged reporting, Melissa has received some of the top journalism awards in the nation. In 2022, her work with the ABC15 Investigators was recognized with a George Foster Peabody Award, the U.S. Hillman Prize, and a du-Pont Columbia Award. In 2021, The National Headliner Awards recognized Melissa's reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. She has also received regional Emmy Awards and a Sunshine Award from the Valley's Society of Professional Journalists.

Melissa graduated from Northwestern University near Chicago, where she picked up a passion for the Cubs baseball. Look for her at spring training games in Mesa! In her spare time, Melissa enjoys trail running, watching movies, and playing board games with her husband, step-daughters, son, and grandson.

You can reach Melissa by email at or call 602-803-2506. Follow her on Twitter @MelissaBlasius or Facebook.

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