MAP: Check Arizona's November foreclosure rates

Posted at 3:16 PM, Dec 10, 2015

Arizona's November foreclosures may be down from last month, but they're still significantly higher than this time last year.

According to real estate data aggregator, RealtyTrac, Arizona ranks 23rd in the nation for foreclosure rates (1,680) this month, with Maryland holding the worst rate (516) and South Dakota ranking the best (17,414).

The foreclosure rate number used by RealtyTrac is defined as "1 in every X housing units." 

For example, the downtown Phoenix zip code, 85003, has a foreclosure rate of 4620. This means that zip code averages one foreclosure for every 4620 housing units.

When comparing the total number of foreclosures in the state, November's foreclosures (1,702) is down almost 200 from October. But we're still almost 10 percent above last year's numbers.

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See what the foreclosure rate is like in your zip code and how it fares from last month in the interactive map below.