Love language: Swipe right for a sexy accent

Posted at 10:56 PM, Aug 14, 2017

When it comes to the language of love, accents speak louder than words.

But, finding someone to date with an exotic voice proved problematic for Dale Ballard. So, the Valley entrepreneur solved it by creating the "HearMyAccent" App.

It's unique because users can record up to 60 seconds of their voice. Then, you can filter the app's database by the types of accents you're attracted to.

"You're not only going to see their picture but hear what they sound like," explains Dale Ballard, the founder of HearMyAccent. "We found that a lot of women and guys, they can almost visually picture someone better not just by how they look, but how they speak, the tones they use, the words they use."

Ballard says just like other popular dating apps, you swipe right for someone you like or left for someone you don't.  Then, once two users match, you can instantly send voice or text messages back and forth.