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Local NAACP president receives racist letter following call for boycott

Posted at 4:20 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-20 21:42:23-05

The East Valley NAACP President said he received a hateful, racist letter after calling on members of the organization to boycott Prescott following controversial remarks by Arizona Representative David Stringer.

The letter, dated December 12 and sent by a Chino Valley man, uses racial slurs to refer to African-Americans and the writer said they have an "inherent" genetic inferiority. At one point, he wrote fewer Democrats and Africans-Americans (whom the writer referred to by using the "n" word) would mean "less crime and less stink."

"I don't take this letter lightly, I don't take the words lightly and I don't take the threat likely," Roy Tatem told ABC15.

"Somebody, unfortunately, misguided this man," he said, "and we've got to make sure that we don't let another generation go down this path."

ABC15 left a voicemail with the man who sent the letter but has not received a response.

Tatem said he's had positive and constructive meetings with Prescott city officials following his call for a boycott. The city council recently voted to demand Stringer to resign.

The state representative faced criticism for his recent comments. In one case, he was recorded telling a group of ASU students non-whites "don't blend in with Americans."