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Investigators release report on deadly SR 89A shooting near Sedona

Posted at 9:49 PM, Feb 12, 2018

Investigators on Monday released reports and officer body camera video from a bizarre incident involving an unarmed, naked man shot by a U.S. Forest Service agent.

The police report said U.S. Forest Service Agent Krista Kuhns shot and killed 51-year-old Tyler Miller as he was running naked down State Route 89A north of Sedona last month.  

The report also said Miller's son told police he was worried that Miller might be suicidal. 

According to the son, Miller was depressed from a recent separation, he hadn't slept and was sending unusual texts about God and religion. However, it's unclear from the report if the son's comments came before or after Miller's deadly confrontation.

Police body camera video shows Miller's white pickup truck crashed on a steep incline just off the road. It came to rest on the driver's side door and was touching low hanging power lines.

After the crash, drivers reported that Miller was throwing rocks at traffic on SR 89A. He was also running down the road naked. 

"We were in a convertible when the man was running toward cars, naked, and tried to kick at us," said one 9-1-1 caller.

According to the report, Miller discarded his t-shirt was stained with blood and tears. The body camera video shows a string of Miller's clothing along SR 89A as if he had undressed as he was moving down the road. 

Officers reported that Agent Kuhns sounded shaky and loud on dispatch radio right before she tased and shot Miller. 

What remains a mystery is what happened between Miller and Agent Kuhns that caused her to open fire. 

Immediately after the shooting, Miller's family released a statement that said he was a beloved father and husband from Kansas. He was in Arizona for a spiritual retreat.