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DESSERT IN THE DESERT! Cuties Lemonade goes viral with fun gummy bear slushy drink

GUMMY BEAR SLUSHY! Cuties Lemonade's new drink
Posted at 7:37 AM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 23:26:02-04

Cuties Lemonade is a fun sweet treat truck that is owned and operated by a U.S. veteran. They make all of their lemonades from scratch. Quincy has two more years of service and this is the full-time plan to support his family when life continues afterward. His daughter sprinkled gummy bears on one of her lemonades and gave him the idea to turn that into a drink...that is now a top seller across the Valley! Support a man who served his country who’s now serving his community with his wife and daughter.

Watch the video above to see this gummy bear drink that has gone viral!