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Gaps filled at U.S., Mexico border wall south of Yuma

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Posted at 3:12 PM, Aug 24, 2022
and last updated 2024-02-18 17:35:42-05

YUMA, AZ — The gaps in the U.S., Mexico border wall south of Yuma have been filled, according to Governor Ducey.

On Wednesday, Ducey said 3,820 feet of the previously open border has been filled with double-stacked shipping containers.

It took 48 workers from contractor AshBritt to install the 8,800-pound shipping containers and 4,500 feet of concertina wire.

“Following a historic investment in this year’s state budget, forged in partnership with legislative leaders, we’ve taken a major step forward to secure our border,” said Governor Ducey. “Five wide open gaps in the border wall near Yuma neighborhoods and businesses are now closed off. In just 11 days, Arizona did the job the federal government has failed to do — and we showed them just how quickly and efficiently the border can be made more secure – if you want to.”

A project was launched to fill the gaps by Ducey on August 12. Previously on July 28, the Biden administration authorized the completion of the Trump-funded U.S.-Mexico border wall in an open area of southern Arizona near Yuma that has become one of the busiest corridors for illegal crossings.

“Our Border Barrier Mission is a win for Arizona, our communities, our farmers and our law enforcement,” Governor Ducey said. “But the effort to secure our border is far from complete. Washington must act. Border security is a federal responsibility. They need to fix the border they’ve broken.”

The first 842-foot gap took 44 containers and four days to fill. The second took eight containers to fill 130 feet in half a day. Another four containers filled the third 75-foot gap, which took half a day. It took four days to fill a 1,200-foot gap with 60 containers. The last gap was 250 feet and was filled with 14 containers over three days.