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Eliminating license plate stickers could save the state more than a million dollars, lawmaker says

Posted at 5:10 AM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 11:12:45-05

One Arizona lawmaker said she got sticker shock when she learned just how much license plate registration stickers cost our state every year. 

Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican serving District 23, has introduced House Bill 2054 and it will eliminate the need to add a sticker to the top right corner of your license plate every year to prove you have up-to-date registration on your vehicle with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

"Instead, it would require them to issue an electronic registration card which the person would print at home," Rep. Ugenti-Rita said.  

Rep. Ugenti-Rita said that with the cost of labor, supplies and sending these stickers out to drivers every year, it would save the state $1.8 million to eliminate them. 

She said that they are unnecessary and there is not enough justification to keep them anymore.

"They're very difficult to read," Rep. Ugenti-Rita said. "And I would challenge anyone to, when they're in their car, to see if they can read these stickers. They're very difficult unless you are really up against the license plate of another car for you to see the information accurately." 

ADOT would not comment with their opinion of the bill. 

Rep. Ugenti-Rita said that the bill has not been assigned a committee yet, but expect that to happen in a week or so. That is when she expects to hear more feedback; pros or cons about her bill. 

If you have an opinion you would like to share, Rep. Ugenti-Rita encourages you to reach out to her or your district legislator