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Critics blast candidate's ad showing shootout with Democrats

Jim Lamon
Posted at 7:40 AM, Feb 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-12 09:40:30-05

PHOENIX — A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona is taking heat for an Old West-style ad showing him shooting weapons out of the hands of President Joe Biden, Sen. Mark Kelly and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Critics say the ad by businessman Jim Lamon is irresponsible as it depicts violence against elected officials.

Lamon’s campaign released the ad Thursday.

It shows actors portraying the Democratic officials arriving in an Old West town wearing cowboy hats and dressed as gunslingers. Dressed as the sheriff, Lamon arrives and says it's “time for a showdown.” When the Democrats draw weapons, Lamon shoots them out of their hands.