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Cave Creek community wants solution to dangerous traffic intersection

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 00:20:10-05

It's a dangerous drive for people in one Valley community, but a solution may not be so simple. 

Cave Creek residents have complained to ABC15 about the intersection of Cave Creek and Schoolhouse roads, saying there are too many crashes at this intersection, despite the fact that there is a four-way stop there. 

Over the weekend, there was another crash at this intersection. 

"She just blew by everybody and went through the intersection," explained Wayne Helfand, who owns the Rare Earth Gallery on the corner of Cave Creek and Schoolhouse roads. "They're not even necessarily speeding. They're just going through at their pace, and they're not expecting a stop sign."

ABC15 checked and saw warning signs, speed bumps, and even red flashing lights on the actual stop sign, but residents say it's still not doing the trick. 

But many residents are also opposed to a stop light, some saying it takes away from the small town feel, which is why Cave Creek is so sought after. Helfand tells us he's on the fence. 

"It's a really neat old town feeling, and if you start putting traffic lights up and things like that, it's not what Cave Creek is about," said Helfand. 

Garrett Rust and his family own the Cave Creek Tumbleweed Hotel and a store next door, which is where the surveillance video of the crash originated. 

"We see six; maybe seven people run the stop sign every day. It's crazy," said Garrett. 

MCSO deputies regularly patrol the intersection. Residents told us two deputies were even patrolling the area when the crash happened. 

ABC15 spoke to Cave Creek Mayor Ernie Bunch over the phone Tuesday who told us he's aware of the problem and is considering asking MCSO to step up their patrols until a more permanent solution is figured out.