BREAKDOWN: Where $176M in AZ lottery $$ has gone

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 10:53:51-05

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Lottery officials say that no matter what happens with Wednesday's nights record drawing, Arizona is already a winner.

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"We are excited when we see these kinds of sales because it means we are going to give more money back to worthy programs," said Tony Bouie with the Arizona Lottery.

Bouie says Arizona has already made more than $8 million off the current jackpot; money that will then be funneled into four main sources.

According to last year's figures, roughly 49 percent of the money will go into the Education General Fund, 37 percent will go to Health and Human Services, 8 percent will go towards economic development, and 6 percent will go to Game and Fish.

"It's a considerable amount and we do a great deal with it," said Lynda Lambert with Arizona Game and Fish.

Lambert says lottery money makes up roughly 10 percent of their budget. In the past Game and Fish has used that money to maintain parks and fund conversation and endangered animal programs.

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In fiscal year 2015, the lottery doled out $176 million in contributions to state projects and initiatives.

Check out the full breakdown below.