Banner University Medical Center construction workers making patients smile

Banner unveils new expansion in downtown Phoenix
Posted at 4:49 AM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 10:55:17-04

All it takes is a quick elevator ride and the views are pretty amazing from the expansion at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix.

The downtown Phoenix skyline is at eye level, but through the dangling wires and piles of equipment, the old hospital is also right there at eye level. It’s so close it almost seems within reach. One morning, a construction worker noticed a patient.

 "I just happened to walk over to the edge and I saw a poster board hanging from a window and it said, 'Do the YMCA — it's my birthday,'" says Richard Roselli who is a pipe fitter on the project. 

The crew did not want to disappoint. "We threw on a little YouTube real quick to see what was really going on and then we just went for it," says Jimmy Collins, a plumber on the project. 

Within minutes, the construction workers were performing the YMCA for patients inside the hospital.

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They might be missing a few of the Village People characters but their slick moves were certainly a hit.

It's almost like the construction workers have some sort of a relationship with the patients — even though there are walls and glass separating them.

"It made me feel like we are doing good," says Collins. "Sometimes people think that construction work really isn't that good of a job. For her to say that mean a lot to us."

Parts of the new expansion will not open until June, but patients are already being touched -- this time, no medical equipment required.