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Arizona Senate race: Deedra Abboud puts premium on face-to-face time with Arizonans

Posted at 4:52 PM, Aug 14, 2018

Meeting face-to-face with the people of Arizona is something Deedra Abboud calls “a must” ahead of this month's primary election.

The civil rights attorney and activist has driven 50,000 miles across the state, campaigning to hear what matters most to the people who live here.

“If you listen and see what people are faced with, it’s easier to understand their concerns,” Abboud says.

Knowing firsthand what those concerns are and communicating effectively at the federal level can lead to the change she hopes to see here.

The Democratic candidate is also passionate about equality and the environment.

Ultimately, Abboud hopes to inspire all Arizonans to “expect more from our elected leaders”.

Check out our full interview with Abboud in the player above.