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APS: Secure bulky items in backyard to avoid power outages during monsoons

Posted at 3:45 AM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 11:23:04-04

The valley got its first dusty taste of monsoon on Thursday — and with a chance of rain in the forecast next week, APS has a new warning for residents.

A quick burst of wind and all of a sudden the items sitting in your backyard become the reason an entire neighborhood loses power...or much worse.

APS tells ABC15 they have seen absurd items go flying right into power lines. 

"If you notice, the last couple of years we've had a lot of microbursts," said APS spokesperson Annie DeGraw. "And what the microbursts do is they have a really centered area that they put wind and dirt down and that lifts everything up into our lines." 

When DeGraw describes "everything" — well, she absolutely means it. 

Even before the height of monsoon, six trampolines have bounced themselves through the air and into lines over the last few months creating a huge safety concern. 

"It can create a fire hazard," DeGraw described. "It can, of course, shut off power which will not make you a popular neighbor."

Some of those items that need to be hunkered down in your backyard include: pool inflatables, patio seats and covers, umbrellas, etc. 

"The most damage to our lines happen during the summer," DeGraw explained. "Because that's usually when people are out in their backyards, they have a lot more out there and, of course, you notice the power out more because we're all out and when that A/C is off; you notice it right away." 

APS suggests taking action now to secure those items, as those monsoon storms often come with very little warning. 

If you see a downed line, assume it is dangerous and energized. Be sure to call 911 or APS at 855-688-2437.