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Actress, activist Alyssa Milano takes on Southwest Key, addressing abuse allegations

Posted at 6:47 AM, Jan 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-10 08:52:43-05

She helped spearhead the #MeToo movement, sat court-side at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, but now, actress and activist Alyssa Milano is taking on a new cause with a deep connection to Arizona - immigration. Specifically, she's taking on Southwest Key and the immigration facilities the company runs for children.

Currently, Southwest Key runs 11 shelters across Arizona and about a dozen more in other border states.

"They are on our soil," says Milano. "This is happening on our watch, in the name of U.S. immigration and I think that is disgusting."

Milano has been busy since August 2018, attempting to get more answers and uncover documents related to Southwest Key and a number of abuse allegations against workers. She has filed a Freedom of Information Act request and has now gotten her hands on several documents regarding Southwest Key.

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"I think the most important thing that these records show and prove to me is that they just don't care," says Milano.

This past week, Milano took to Twitter, posting what she has uncovered as well as linking to several articles related to Southwest Key.

ABC15 reached out to Southwest Key for a response. Jeff Eller, a spokesperson for Southwest Key, released the following statement:

"Southwest Key’s staff are passionate about every child who comes into our care. Providing compassionate care for these children drives us every single day. The thousands of Southwest Key case workers, mental health clinicians, cooks, teachers and other program staff go to work each day to care for vulnerable children after their difficult journeys. We are aware of Ms. Milano’s activism on behalf of unaccompanied immigrant children. We disagree with her conclusions."