When to fix your vehicle (and when you can wait)

Posted at 7:06 AM, May 18, 2017

Are you procrastinating when it comes to getting car repairs? The good news is some things can wait! But how do you know which repairs to do now and which to save for later?

We spoke to the mechanics at NARPRO. They say one wrong decision can be the difference in spending a hundred dollars now or hundreds of dollars later.

So say your check engine light comes on. You take it to the shop, right? Wrong! First, make sure you closed your gas cap tight as that can cause the light to come on. But if it doesn't go off then take it to the mechanic.

Late on your oil change? Don't wait too long. Spend up to $60 now or spend thousands to fix a blown engine.

And of course you want to get a second opinion. But how you get that opinion is where many of us go wrong.

Don't ask for it over the phone, take your car in. NARPRO offers free second opinions and they put it in writing.

The mechanics at NARPRO says bottom-line, your vehicle tries to tell you when it's hurting but you have to listen, and it's no different than listening to your body. If you don't maintain, expect to pay more over time.

Their hierarchy of needs are stop, start and drive.  f it doesn’t affect the vehicle’s ability to do one of those three things safely and securely every time, then it might not be an immediate need.