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We test out a product that's supposed to take the haze out of your headlights in just 30 seconds!

Posted at 12:25 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-13 09:19:51-05

It happens to the best of us: over time, the car headlights can get a little foggy, sort of like how you feel when you're waking up. So, we tested out a product that might help!

Our producer told us she has a hard time seeing at night with her hazy headlights. We tested DIY solutions before that didn't work. Now we are wondering, what will?

Fast Brite Lens Restore said it saves time and money. They say their restore kit brings your headlights back to showroom new condition in as little as 30 seconds. If your car is like our producer's, you can relate that it took years for the headlights to look like they do, so we will be impressed if the solution takes less than one minute, especially since it only cost us $9.99.

The infomercial says the secret is Fast Brite Lens Restore's professional formula that removes the outer layer of oxidation, then it polishes, seals and protects.

The kit comes with a bottle of lens polish, protectant and a two-sided sponge. We cleaned the headlights, then poured the polish on the sponge. Next, we rubbed the polish on the headlight in a circular motion, and then rubbed on the protectant. Finally, we buffed it with a clean, dry cloth.

Our before-and-after photos made my producer exclaim, "I didn't even know these bulbs existed! I can see again!"

We were curious though. How will the headlight look when it gets wet? We poured water on it, and it was actually still clear!

So, where does Fast Brite Lens Restore rank on our 'Bull or No Bull Meter'? I'm going with... NO BULL!

Although, it took longer than 30 seconds, it was definitely quick and now my producer can drive around with clear and bright lights.

What product do you want us to test next? Email us, and let us know if you want to be in the story testing out the item with us!