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Try it before you buy it: Does the TapHanger really work?

Posted at 8:53 PM, Dec 27, 2017

You probably received pictures or captured some amazing memories over the holidays that you might want to put up on the wall, but are you dreading the hanging process? Well, this product might make it easier!

Check out the TapHanger. The claim is that it's the world's fastest and easiest way to hang wooden picture frames. The company says using it, you'll be able to hang a frame in 30 seconds to one minute. The company also claims you'll never have to straighten it, and if you need to, it can be removed from the wall in seconds. Watch the infomercial here.

For the price of $12.99 from Amazon, you can get the TapHanger Kit. It has the TapHanger tool and 80 special TapTacks, enough to hang 40 picture frames. The instructions say to place the TapTack into the TapHanger tool, where it stops half way through. Then, on the frame, hammer in the exposed side until it sets into the wood. If you didn't hammer in straight, you can adjust by applying pressure to the TapHanger tool.

After repeating the process for the second side, I placed the frame up to the wall, and pushed it in like a tack. To my surprise, it stayed- even with me shaking the bottom of the frame. The TapTacks can also allegedly hold up to 20-pound frames.

It was easy to remove, like the infomercial claims. The company also promotes no wall damage. Obviously, there were two small holes where the TapTacks entered the wall, but those are easy to cover. Plus, there was no mess!

So, where does the TapHanger rank on our "Bull or No Bull Meter"? We went with "NO BULL"!

It's important to note that the TapTacks are reusable, but if you want to get them off the frame, you must use pliers. The TapTacks can bend, so be careful! You can purchase one here.

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Here is more information from the installation video:


Please note: (1) remove any existing hanging hardware from the back of your frame before installing the TapTacks; (2) even though just two TapTacks will hold frames that weigh up to 20 pounds, the TapTacks are quite small - do not 'pound' the TapTacks into your frame or you may bend the TapTack. Gently tap the TapTack into the frame, watching the TapTack as it goes into the frame. If it begins to bend, simply move the TapHanger tool to one side or the other while gently tapping the TapTack in and the TapTack will not bend. Watch the video for more information.