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The highlights of all the grocery ads for Wednesday through Christmas Eve!

Posted at 10:06 AM, Dec 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-18 12:06:22-05

It's time to make your grocery list, and check it twice! I've done all the hard work for you, sifting through the ads to see what deals are the best! Check them out here by store!

At Bashas':

  • Pay $1.37 per pound for Hormel Cure 81 or Cook's Spiral Sliced Ham (first one please- Thank You Card)
  • Pay $1.37 per pound for Norbest Turkey Breast Bone-In, Grade A (four-to-eight pounds)
  • Pay $1.99 per pound for Boneless Pork Loin Half or Shoulder Roast- It's also the same price for Jennie-O Fresh Turkeys
  • Pay $1.99 for Bashas' Milk (for the first two)
  • Get two for $1 for 14-ounce cans of Libby's Vegetables
  • $.75 per pound for red seedless grapes (for the first six pounds)
  • Pay $1.77 for Lay's or Wise Potato Chips (first three please)
  • Buy four 12-ounce 12-pack or 8-packs of Coke, Dr. Pepper, 7-UP, RC Cola, or Canada Dry for $10 (normally $4.49 to $4.99 each)

If you don't feel like cooking, Bashas' offers meals. Check out this Holiday Dinner. Pay $55.99, and you'll get:

  • One Deluxe Spiral Sliced Ham dinner (one nine-to-10-pound spiral, bone-in ham)
  • 32-ounce scalloped potatoes
  • 30-ounce green bean casserole
  • 32-ounce spiced apples
  • 24-ounce mashed sweet potatoes
  • One dozen dinner rolls
  • Choice of 8-inch pumpkin or apple pie (serves six to seven)
  • Allow 1.5 hours of preparation, while supplies last

Pay $29.99 for the Holiday Tamale Dinner, and you'll get:

  • One dozen tamales (six chicken and six beef)
  • 24-ounce refried beans
  • 24-ounce Spanish rice
  • 16-ounce Cocina-style sweet onion salsa
  • Serves six, sold cold

You can buy a 12-to-13-pound Jennie-O Turkey for $32.99.

Pay $89.99 for a Prime Rib Holiday Dinner, and get:

  • One four-to-five-pound, fully-cooked prime rib
  • 32-ounce scalloped potatoes
  • 30-ounce green bean casserole
  • 32-ounce spiced apples
  • 24-ounce mashed sweet potatoes
  • One dozen dinner rolls
  • Serves 10 to 12
  • Your choice of one apple or pumpkin pie
  • Allow 1.5 hours for preparation, while supplies last

At Food City:

  • Pay $.77 per pound for Pork Sirloin Roast or Split Chicken Breasts, bone-in and sold in a bag. Chicken is sold in a value pack. (limit of two packages)
  • Pay $.67 per pound for unprepared Masa Fresca, sold in a 5-pound bag
  • Get four avocados for $1
  • Get three pounds of limes for $.99
  • On Thursday only: Pay $1.77 per pound for 73 percent lean ground beef
  • Pay $.69 each for Powerade Sports Drinks (32-ounce selected varieties)
  • Get two pounds of baking potatoes for $.98
  • Get three pounds of brown onions for $.99
  • Get two pounds of green beans for $3
  • During the four-day sale (Friday (12/21), Saturday (12/22), Sunday (12/23) and Monday (12/24):
  1. Get two pounds of Roma Tomatoes for $.98 (limit of six pounds)
  2. Pay $1.99 per pound for Boneless Beef Tamale Meat (limit of two)
  3. Pay $.88 each for Coca Cola and Sprite soda (355 ML or 2 Liter) when four are purchased in a single transaction (limit of eight- thereafter $1.29 to $2.09 each)

They offer Holiday Party Trays that serve 10 to 12 people for $24.99 each.

At Albertsons:

  • Pay $1.27 per pound for Hormel Cure 81 Premium Spiral Sliced Ham, bone-in (limit of 1, while supplies last)
  • Pay $1.29 per pound for Cook's Shank Portion Ham, bone-in (for the first one, while supplies last)
  • Pay $1.29 for Signature Farms All-Natural Turkey Breasts, Grade A, bone-in (frozen)
  • Pay $1.47 per pound for boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sold from full-service butcher blocks
  • Pay $1.57 per pound for Jennie-O Fresh Turkeys, while supplies last
  • Pay $1.97 per pound for Signature Select, All-Natural Extra meaty Pork Loin Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Spareribs (bone-in)
  • In the "Clip or Click" section, pay $.99 for Lucerne Large AA eggs (12-count, limit of two- additional is $2.19 each)
  • In the 10 for $10 section, you'll find some great holiday snacks
  • Get fresh broccoli crowns or cauliflower for $.77 per pound
  • It's buy one, get one free for 12 ounces of Green Giant Green Beans or a one-pound bag of Brussel Sprouts (save up to $2.99 each)
  • Get five-pound bags of Signature Farms Russet Potatoes for $1.47 each
  • Granny Smith Apples or Navel Oranges are $.99 per pound
  • Pay $.77 each for Dannon Oikos or Light & Fit Yogurt (5.3 ounces and select varieties)
  • Pay $3.99 each for 8-inch pumpkin pies

At Fry's:

  • Download coupons at or on the app, and redeem Friday (12/21) through Monday (12/24) - (use each digital coupon up to five times)
  • Pay $.99 per pound for Sugardale Ham Portions (bone-in, limit of two, while supplies last)
  • Pay $1.29 per pound for Kroger Spiral Sliced Ham (bone-in, limit of two, while supplies last)
  • Check out all the Christmas and holiday deals!